Animation and services

Amusement for children and adults

All you need for perfect experience. Your social, competitive, or creative qualities will be aroused by the animation programs we offer. Your stomach will have a feast on our gastronomic specialties. All that is available at the clean and comfortable grounds of the aqua park Poreč. We are looking forward to welcoming you here.

Animation programs

We don’t want you to get bored with us. Therefore, we organize competitions, sports games and tournaments, creative workshops and other fun activities for children, teenagers, and grownups. All of at no extra charge as part of the admission fee.


Animation programs at Aquacolors Porec

Food and drinks / Refreshments

An empty stomach and unsatisfied palate are no friends of good entertainment. We fight these foes with as many as refreshment zones. They offer sweet and salty treats, meat and fish, salads, beverages, and you name it … Take your pick.


A snap shot from a water slide

A smart souvenir from your day at Aquacolors? Certainly, a snap shot of you swooshing on the slide would be one.

Don’t forget to take it.


Photographs on the slides in Aquacolors Porec


Under the skilled hands of our masseurs you will feel what it is like to be relieved of tension, you breathing becomes harmonized, and stress is merely a memory of something in the past.


Massages at water park Aquacolors Porec