Information for parents

Your children will be in good hands!

Satisfaction of your kids is a big and never ending challenge for us. We do our best so that you like the aqua park and enjoy every minute which you spend with us. A good entertainment park not only has a big number and uniqueness of attractions, but also provides perfect and never-ending fun for your children.

What all did we prepare for them?


For moms and dads, we have changing tables and relaxation zones, where you can spend quiet moments with your baby. There are attractions and refreshments even for the youngest kids.


Aqua park in Poreč offers a lot of fun with a series of children’s attractions for the kids visiting us. We are constantly expanding their range. We guarantee that your children will love them, no matter how old they are.


The safe operation of the amusement facilities throughout the aqua park is taken care of by several experienced lifeguards who supervise the individual attractions. They will gladly advise and help you with everything.

Although all attractions and the aqua park grounds as a whole meet the highest safety standards, the lifeguards are trained in first-aid techniques, and a first-aid staff is on duty at the aqua park all day.

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