Safety and comfort

Safety and comfort

Safety, cleanness and comfort are our priority

We do our best so that you love Aquacolors Poreč. We want you to feel yourselves at home. We know very well that it depends on each detail.

Detail of the slide

Under the watch of our team of lifeguards

A team of our experienced lifeguards and trained personnel takes care of the safety of you and your children at each moment. Don’t worry. A lifeguard watches for each attraction and takes care of safe fun. Our personnel will be happy to advise and help you with all.

All attractions and the whole territory meet the highest safety standards. If necessary, our lifeguards will provide professional first aid. Health services are present in the aqua park all day long.

Safety and comfort

Polished to a shine that blinds your eyes

You will never find dirty or mess in the territory of our aqua park. We are absolutely obsessed with excellent cleanness of our attractions and facilities. All our hygienic and social facilities, such as changing rooms, washrooms, and showers are cleaned regularly at short intervals. We are constantly replenishing soap, napkins and toilet rolls. Our premises are perhaps even brighter than the Adriatic sun.

Waterpark Aquacolors Poreč


The base of good enjoyment is not to worry about your stuff.

Your rucksacks and bags would only obstruct you when entertaining. Your belongings in our spacious changing room will be reliably saved in modern safety safes. Even a master safecracker couldn’t open them. We guarantee it to you.

Safety and comfort


The real heart of Aquacolors are our employees.

They welcome you with a smile at the box office, assist you at the attractions, fulfil quickly your small or big wishes, or prepare yummy refreshments at one of our food facilities.

In addition to Croatian, practically all our employees speak English and German. We are professionals who enjoy working. You can tell when you watch us at work. Come to see for yourselves.

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