Attractions for children

Waterpark Aquacolors Poreč

Two kiddie pools

A lot of fun is waiting for big and small kids in two children’s pools. A padding pool is a variant for refrigerant swimming of the smallest kids. The safety of your children is our priority. An experienced lifeguard watches for their safety there.

The experience pool offers your children a slipway water tower and a turtle slide. Squelching of your children will be more pleasant thanks to several water jets, which kids really love.

We have also built an absolutely new kiddie pool in the section named Crocodile Bay with two children’s toboggans, Tornado and Twister, and with a padding pool.

Small Slide


Tornado is a mini version of our well-known yellow funnel named “Magicon”. Your child can enjoy riding alone or with another person. The ride on a small raft lasts twenty seconds. Your children will love this toboggan!

Crocodile Bay


Twister will ride your children in a series of slight curves during a fifteen-second amusing ride. Twister is an absolutely safe open-air attraction. You can watch your children for the whole time of riding. Your child rides alone and with no raft on this attraction.

You can also enjoy a lot of fun with your kids on Family Rafting Slide, Body Slide, Lazy river and in the swimming-pool with artificial waves.

Lazy River

A kiddie play ground full of attractions

There are two kiddie play grounds in Aquacolors full of splendid attractions, where you can hear most often noisy children’s laugh. Children may play on quizzical jungle gyms and slides, which surely fit them perfectly.

All attractions meet the strictest norms in the area of quality and safety, and we give special attention to their regular care and maintenance. It is our priority because you are going to our aqua park to enjoy it and not to worry about the safety of your kids.

Family Rafting Slide

Crocodile Nest – Rope pyramid and labyrinth

This adrenalin jungle gym has a height of six meters. It will perfectly amuse children of each age and will pretty check their muscles and train their bodies. Not so far off, there is a bush labyrinth, in which kids will find a nest with crocodile eggs.

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