Black hole

Gate to another galaxy

Black Hole

The Black hole will take you to another experience dimension in a jiffy. Just walk up to the top of the toboggan and go down by a fast closed tube.

Do you have courage for fast riding in absolute darkness?

The Black hole isn’t a pure name for this toboggan. It precisely corresponds with the reality. Prepare yourself to absolutely another galaxy of fun than in which you are accustomed till now.


Relax toboggan
A toboggan with a closed tube
Length: 108 meters, Height: 13 meters
Mode of riding: lying of the back / on the tummy, with the feet forwards.
A toboggan with a closed tube.
Rider’s height: at least 110 cm
The maximum common weight of the riders on the toboggan: 200 kg, max. weight of one rider on the toboggan is 120 kg
Rider’s weight: 50 to 200 kg

Black Hole

unbelievable visual experience

It will worth doing. Prepare yourself preferably in advance and look through the photos of the Black hole toboggan.

Black Hole

When darkness is alternated by a color disc

It has been already waiting for you. The magic black hole, which will swallow you up and grant you impressive ride with a series of turns in absolute darkness, combined with sectors in a tube with wild colors. You never know what you can wait from the Black Hole and by which direction you will go on. As soon as you ride down once, you will want it again and again. So impressive is that ride.

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