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We take health and hygienic protection of our visitors as our top priority.  Here are the 5 reasons why Aquacolors is a safe place and the risk of disease transmission is minimal:


To make sure that the risk of covid-19 infection is at the lowest, we properly clean and disinfect our waterpark facilities several times a day.


Water with high concentration of chlorine, which we have in our pools and waterslides demonstrably kills all viruses including coronavirus.


Contactless sanitizer stations are the safest way of disinfecting our largest carrier of microorganisms on our body – our hands.  They are located throughout our park for you to use them.


AQUACOLORS is an outdoors waterpark, meaning that with all of already taken measures specified in *SAFE TRAVELS* guide, this is also a proven circumstance that helps in being safe from infection.

All countries are having a physical distance and spending time outdoors as a key instruction if you are engaging in social activity and this is fully possible in our park.


AQUACOLORS POREČ proudly carries one of Safe stay in Croatia and Safe travel  badges on our entrance and we are making sure that all of its protocols are fully implemented throughout our waterpark.

Find more information here.

You may buy admission tickets in the ticket desk of Aquacolors Poreč or you can buy them on-line.


If ordering tickets online, you can use a payment card or bank-to-bank transfer. When buying tickets at the box office at Aquacolors, you may pay cash or use a payment card.

All services at Aquacolors, as well as products at our store, can be paid for using the chip bracelet you obtain when entering the aqua park grounds. When leaving our premises, return the bracelet at the box office and pay the total of your purchases cash or using a payment card.
Currencies we accept at the box office: Croatian kuna (HRK).

All our attractions meet very strict safety criteria in accordance with the European legislation. We check attractions regularly and thoroughly. 20 trained and very experienced lifeguards every day take care of your safety. During the work time, health personnel is always available. For more information on the safety and facilities in the aqua park territory, click here.

Yes, all over the territory.

It is forbidden to take photograph or videos without the permission of our lifeguards or other personnel. Therefore, always ask for permission first. You may have a visual souvenir of your day at Aquacolors taken directly on the toboggan by our photographic services.
Find more on photographs from toboggans here.

No, sorry. For hygienic as well as safety reasons, no animals whatsoever are allowed on the aqua park grounds.

Unfortunately, no. However, you will certainly not suffer from hunger or thirst There are several restaurants and bars in the territory, where even the most demanding visitor will be satisfied. Our assortment has all sorts of sweet and salty goodies, as well as healthy meals in a form of grilled meat, fish, fruit and vegetable salads.

Yes. In order to make sure that every guest feels comfortable like at home, we insist that basic social and hygienic rules be observed in the entire Aquacolors premises, as follows:

  • prohibition of entry for persons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;
  • prohibition of smoking, except at specially designated areas;
  • prohibition of urinating in the pools;
  • prohibition of wearing inappropriate swimwear;
  • prohibition of running, jumping, or playing ball games, except at specially designated areas (sports courts and children’s playgrounds, bouncy castle);
  • prohibition of diving in the pools;
  • prohibition of playing music instruments and loud screaming;
  • prohibition of entry to persons suffering from a skin disease, having open wounds, or having a contagious disease

Yes, you may. Your safety is our highest priority, and our trained lifeguards and personnel are always at the start and at the end of particular attractions to help and advise you.

Yes, even being on a wheelchair, you will enjoy a lot of fun here. The whole park is barrier free. Wheelchair-bounds may also use the swimming-pool with artificial waves. We also have barrier free toilets.

Yes, in this case, there is no admission fee for you; people with other health disabilities have discount in the amount of 50% after presentation of their ZTP (“severe health disability”) card.

They are not. The hot Istrian sun gives them, however, enough heat for your water pleasures.

Yes, bring with you, please, your own hand and bath towels. But if you forget them, you may buy a new one in our shop.

No, there is enough beach umbrellas and sunbeds in the territory, and the use of them is absolutely free of charge.

No, it is impossible to buy such admission tickets.

The admission tickets bought on-line are valid till the end of the summer season.

Please, click here.

The entrance of children into the aqua park is in full responsibility of the children’s parents. That’s why you may come into the park even with the smallest children.

No, used water is desalted here. Water is chlorinated and is harmless to health (also for Covid – 19).

Yes, we charge a small fee for their use (10 Kn).

In the ticket desks of the aqua park.

You are obliged to report on its loss and pay a compensation fee in the amount of 500 Kn.

Parking for our guests is absolutely free of charge. There is enough parking places for the visitor’s cars close to the territory.

Yes, we want you enjoy here together with your smallest kids. There are places for repackaging and possibility of heating meals for your children. Have a look here.

Yes. We offer. We offer reduced admission tickets to students up to 21 years. Reduced admission fee is also available for children up to 15 years. We also offer very beneficial admission fees for families. There is no admission fee for children under 100 cm height.

Find more information on admission fees here.

Celebrate your birthday in Aquacolors Porec! We have a gift for you – free all-day ticket to Aquacolors on your birthday.

Just show your ID with the date of your birth at the cash desk and you will receive a free ticket.

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