Restaurants and refreshment

Restaurants and bars in Aquacolors Poreč


Aqua Restaurant

Our chefs in our biggest restaurant will cook grilled juicy hamburgers, fishburgers and regional specialties such as kebab. Taste also splendid crunchy pizza and sandwiches.

Do you love all tastes and colors of ice-cream? Just try our especial ice-cream from our assortment. All day long, we cook fresh fruit and vegetable salads for you.

We will offer you excellent drinks and amazingly fragrant coffee. Are you looking forward to it? Surely, you should.


Lounge bar

A place which you definitely will take a fancy to. The Lounge bar is part of the relax zone with an artificial beach and sitting bags. Our exquisite food delicacies will contribute to your right relaxation. Take a taste, for example, Istrian dried ham with a variation of cheeses served on a bamboo plank. You can also taste grilled octopuses and other specialties. And also excellent cocktails, refrigerant prosecco, Italian espresso and other appetizing drinks.

Crocodile Bay

Crocky cave bar

This bar is going to become a phenomenon. It is a new water bar in an authentic water cave, where you can taste cooling drinks, beer or luxurious coffee. The Crocky pool bar is unequivocally a hit of our waterpark. A crocodile head dominates the whole bar.


Croco Fast food

You can find Croco Fast food very close to the Windigo toboggan. What will you find there? A wide range of fresheners and fragrantly grilled yummies.


Ice cream corner

A self-service ice-cream automatic vending machine. We strongly recommend you to taste it.


Riverside Cafe

In a beach kiosk near the wavy swimming-pool, there is Riverside bar where we offer you cooled drinks, exclusive ice-cream, coffee and stuffed sandwiches.

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