Photographs on the slides

The best souvenir of your holiday in Aquacolors

Do you think you really know your face? Well, obviously you have not taken a photo of yourself during a slide ride. A non-traditional snap shot on the water slide will amuse you and your family or friends.

We have installed an automatic camera exactly at the point where people laugh the most and have the “best“ expression on their face. As you go swooshing by this point, the camera will take several snaps. At the exit of the slide you can simply select the best shot on the monitor. We will send the shot to your e-mail address for a show-and-tell with your friends. As an alternative, we can frame it for you and you can pick it up at the exit from the aqua park.

  • The service is available on Family rafting and Turbolance slide
  • This service is charged according to the valid price list stated directly on the exit of the slide.

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