5 stands to satisfy your palate

You might think there is no time for food with all the excitement around. That would be a mistake! You not only get your fill, you will thoroughly enjoy it, too. Just try our wholesome salads, fresh burgers, grilled meat and our excellent ice cream.

Fresh & Salad

Fruit and vegetables in the most tasty combination and forms. Salads, granitas, smoothies… A  good portion of vitamins for your body.

Fresh & Salad at aquapark Aquacolors Porec

Burgers & Grill

When meat is being fried or roasted, it often takes one’s breath. Just take a look at our menu – hamburgers, fish burgers, chevapi, grilled squid, and other delicatessen are waiting for you. Can you barely wait?

Pizza & Sandwiches

It is just a short distance from Italy to Poreč, so pizza feels very much at home here, both the classical or the stuffed one, known as Calzone. Those who do not care for pizza will probably enjoy a fresh sandwich instead.

Pizza & Sandwiches at aqua park Aquacolors Porec

Drinks & Beer

Nothing can fight off the afternoon fatigue like a good drink. A large assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, properly cooled beer – like from your cellar’s proverbial seventh step … In short, the hot Croatian sun is not getting one up over us.

Coffee & Sweets

The scent of quality coffee, cappuccino with thick foam, with a delicate butter croissant or puffy chocolate muffin…Can’s resist the temptation. Why should you? After all, it is your vacation.

Coffee & Sweets at aqua park Aquacolors Porec, Istria, Croatia

Ice cream wherever you look

Children and parents love ice cream. So that you would not have to  walk too far, you will find ice cream stands in five locations – 2 of them offer a selection of 10  flavors of high- quality ice cream served in coops and 3 of them sell ice cream bars and packaged ice

Coctail Bar

Cocktails – too many delicious cocktails might make one dizzy. It could happen to you, too. We therefore offer non- alcoholic ones, too. They are also very tasty, you had better believe it.

Coctail bar at aqua park Aquacolors Porec, Istria, Croatia

4x kiosk

A quick aid, if you feel hungry, thirsty, or get a sweet tooth suddenly. sandwiches, sweet pastry, ice cream, drinks… Something for everyone.