We are getting bigger and better!

In the last four seasons, we have increased the number of adrenaline boosting attractions and expanded the offerings of our restaurant. This year, we are opening a new and modern wellness pool.

After 13 of our giant waterslides raise your adrenaline levels to the maximum, you will be able to relax in more than 200 cubic meters of bubbly water. Our large and small pools (860 and 370 m2) will give you a relaxing and unforgettable experience. Lay down and enjoy on more than 130 underwater massage chairs and seats that will pamper your body with different types of massage and give you the relaxation you deserve. If you get bored of relaxation, find a cheerful “bubbler” in the pool that will release millions of refreshing bubbles all over your body, putting a smile on your face and ensuring you will never want to leave. Cascades, a waterfall, and a geyser guarantee maximum enjoyment and pleasure wherever you turn.

Reward yourself and relax not only your muscles, but your brain as well. Hide from the sun, swim into a cave, or treat yourself to a cocktail at the water bar.

Awaken your inner child and bring your kids with you because we are opening two new waterslides in the shallow end of the pool. If they are less than 120 cm tall, they can still choose between “Tornado” and “Twister”.

Tornado is a mini version of our famous yellow funnel “Magicon”. A child can go alone or with one other person using a raft for a fun ride of 20 seconds.

Twister offers a solo trip through mild bends, but is fast enough to finish in 15 seconds. Short and sweet, but fun. This is an open concept attraction, meaning that our youngest guests will be under the watchful eyes of adults for the entire ride. A raft is not necessary for this ride, only your body, which will slide down the smooth surfaces of the waterslide, as you are sent to the other attractions of the small wellness pool.

Do not let this opportunity pass; come and see for yourself. Swim in the waters of Aquacolors this summer!

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